Elkhorn, NE: State Fair Fun

Brookestone Meadows hosted its first annual State Fair this weekend, complete with a variety of fair food, games and prizes. The air was sticky with confections as cotton candy swirled onto sticks and hot funnel cakes were served with big bags of kettle corn and corn dogs.

Clinking cans came crashing down and pennies rolled across colorful dots with prizes being doled out by the handful. The room was filled with laughter as the residents played games and reminisced about State Fairs of years past. Our team of volunteers had as much fun as the residents and their families!

A special thank you to Stephanie in Life Enrichment who orchestrated this relaxed and joyful event and the LE team and her family who helped put it all together. We are grateful to Papillion Manor who shared several games with us for our residents to enjoy.

The state fair only rolls around once a year, but we know these memories will stick around for a while.

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Submitted by Michele Magner, Public Relations Coordinator

Brookestone Meadows, Elkhorn, Nebraska