North Platte, NE: Team Work the Fun Way

At a recent All Team meeting the staff at Linden Estates had a team building event. Members were first given a demonstration on how to hula hoop with instructor Beth Miller.

People were then divided into teams and it was a relay race to the finish line…with a catch…no hands! At each stop along the way a new technique for moving the exercise ball was needed to proceed. It was lots of fun but a lot harder than it looked.

The final challenge was to pass the two hula hoops completely around the circle without letting go of hands. Team members finished the event with some free style hooping.

Teamwork-Our relationships are built on mutual trust and respect. We recognize the value and worth of each person we are privileged to encounter, work with, and serve. We seek to understand what is important to others and let people know they are appreciated for who they are and what they do.

Submitted by Rhonda Todd, Life Enrichment Coordinator

Linden Estates, North Platte, NE