Emerson, NE: Faithful in Prayer

Praying the rosary together afforded this group of faithful ladies to embrace this spiritual time in a new setting with a purpose. “To make it all the way through without getting distracted or falling asleep”.
The rosary begins with the recitation of the Apostle’s Creed, an Our Father, three Hail Mary’s and a Glory Be. Then there are five decades which each begin and end with an Our Father and Glory Be, and have ten Hail Mary’s in between. When you pray the rosary, you meditate on the events in Jesus’ life. There are the joyful, luminous, sorrowful, and glorious mysteries. The prayer take about forty-five minutes.
Using the in2l under the spiritual setting and utilizing the rosary link, the ladies prayed with 70 others around the world at the same time. Cynthia L., Dietary Manager at Heritage of Emerson recently returned from a visit to the Holy Land. She joined the ladies for their weekly prayer time. The ladies shared in conversation how nice it is to be together while they pray. Sharing that” it is sometimes hard to stay awake while praying and with someone else with you it makes it easier”, “It was nice to be able to finish it”. After praying the rosary the ladies visited.

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Submitted By:

Kellie Wageman, Life Enrichment Coordinator

Heritage of Emerson, Emerson NE