Emerson, NE: Blooming Inspiration!

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Joann has been a crafter her whole life. In fact, Joann and her husband John earned extra spending money from the crafts the two of them created and sold.
Recently Joann exhibited her latest artistic creation at the Dakota-Thurston County Fair. She received a purple on her brightly colored beautiful bouquet of flowers. The flowers are created from paper med cups.
Joann is an excellent painter, she blends colors to create the exact looking she is going for. Joann has created poppy bouquets in red white and blue for the dining room tables for the month of July. She currently has been crafting flowers to be put in bouquets that she gifts for birthdays and special occasions. Joann also makes use of old silk flower stems and fillers such as babies breath to add the realistic look to the arrangements.
“God gave me some talents and He inspired me to see a sunflower, I looked at a picture and came up with one, daisies, poppies, etc. followed. “ “It has been a wonderful thing for me to fill my time. Praise the Lord!” shares Joann

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Kellie Wageman, Life Enrichment Coordinator

Heritage of Emerson, Emerson NE