Alliance, NE: Every Day Adds to Life Story

As certain holidays act to remind us about the importance of remembering life’s important events (think Christmas or Memorial Day), this year’s National Skilled Nursing Care Week theme of Celebrating Life’s Stories caused some natural reflection in to the past of our resident family. Perhaps more poignant was the challenge to look to the past of our Memory Support Household residents. These folks and their immediate families were asked to provide meaningful photographs from deep in their personal photo album archives. As these visual memories were presented it created a wonderful opportunity for us to get to know each other a little deeper.
After reviewing this event, it reiterated the fact that every contact, every conversation, every moment shared, no matter how insignificant it appears, was an opportunity to enrich all of our life stories and should not be taken for granted.

Serving:  We succeed by focusing our attention and energies on anticipating and exceeding people’s expectations. Our actions are driven by a “Yes, I Can” attitude and the commitment that we are “Family Serving Family.”

Submitted By:

Brian Stephenson, Maintenance Supervisor

Highland Park Care Center, Alliance NE