Elkhorn, NE: PCC updated with Dignity

When a new patient arrives at Brookestone Meadows there are many unknowns that they are facing. Typically, the person arriving from the hospital also does not feel their best. As we began to take professional pictures of each Long Term Care resident, many of whom had come through rehab, it became impossible to ignore the notable difference between the initial photograph taken upon admission and the images we were seeing.

For many new team members, the photograph in Point Click Care could potentially be their first impression of the resident. It did not take long to decide that all of our Long Term Care residents should have the updated professional photograph in PCC. Now, instead of seeing a picture of a sick person with sadness and fear in their eyes, the team is seeing pictures of pride, joy, grace, peace, and love.

The smiles you see in these pictures are the result family serving family with dignity. Each of these people know they can trust us to be who we say we are, and do what we say we will do.

This is Dignity in Life.

Submitted By:

Michele Magner, Public Relations Coordiantor

Brookestone Meadows, Elkhorn NE