Alliance, NE: Taking a Dream To New Heights

Being careful what you wish for was not even in her mind when Dee Dee Behm, Memory Support Household Coordinator, was visiting with a resident about the upcoming events for National Skilled Nursing Care Week. During this conversation about celebrating Life’s Stories, the 2018 theme, the resident mentioned she had always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon. Dee Dee knew she had to make it happen and doing so as a kickoff to this week would be the perfect event.
With a fervent search, she discovered a company from Mitchell, NE (approximately 80 miles away) who was more than willing to bring a balloon and provide tethered rides for residents and their lucky team member assistants. High Plains Hot Air Balloon Company graciously donated their time and efforts with the only intention being to put a smile on some fortunate faces.
While the smiles did come, the weather did not cooperate and the balloon never left the ground. But with the amazingly generous spirit of Mike and Colleen Johnson, they promised to return later this summer when the fog will be gone and the wind settled. They did allow many pictures to be taken by residents and their families who braved the chilly air; they also shared their expertise allowing family members to assist in the necessary balloon activities to practice for a successful launch someday.

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Submitted By:

Brian Stephenson, Maintenance Director

Highland Park Care Center, Alliance NE