Garnett, KS: Life Stories through Quilts!

One of our residents Imogene, is 92 and has been quilting for many years. She has a talent beyond belief, her quilts are still all stitched by HAND, the quilting and all! The family brought several of her favorites in as she spoke about how she starts and what inspires her different designs. She has one of all the states she has been to, a beautiful plain ivory colored one, her personal favorite is the one with hearts and roses. She stated that she had it on her bed at home until she came to Parkview Heights. She has a very pretty multi colored one on her bed now that is again, completely hand stitched! All the residents, especially the quilters enjoyed her talent and knowledge she shared about quilting. She mentioned she quilted them for people all over the United States, one lady in Alaska would send her 10 at a time to have quilted. She had lots of family here that day, enough to complete 5 generations, which in itself, is amazing. As you walk past her room or stop in for a visit, you can usually find her hand stitching the sections together for yet another beautiful quilt. What an inspiration for quilters everywhere.

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Submitted by Carol Barnes, People Development Coordinator

Parkview Heights, Garnett, Kansas