St. Paul, NE: Brookefield Park: Brunch with the Bunny

Brookefield Park hosted a “Brunch with Bunny” on Friday March 30 in the Shibe/Cubs dining room. The Easter Bunny hopped on over to have his picture taken with visitors, team members and residents, and to hand out coloring pages to the children! The dietary department provided delicious cinnamon rolls for all to eat. Face painting for the children was a big hit! Easter baskets created by individual departments and displayed in the building during the month of March were raffled off to those in attendance. 

Quality Reputation-We will be known for promoting relationships of trust, confidence and loyalty through the quality of our services,the honesty of our people and involvement in our community.

Submitted by Rosemary Wichmann, Life Enrichment Coordinator

Brookefield Park, St. Paul, Nebraska