Norfolk, NE: Guess Who Hopped into Heritage of Bel Air

The team waited with anticipation and excitement for the annual Team Easter Egg Hunt. They mapped out their plan to find the best eggs. This year the Easter Bunny (Alexa, Life Enrichment) even joined us for the fun. While the team was out looking for eggs the Leadership Team stayed behind to answer call lights and help the residents so all the team could attend. The eggs were filled with candy, pop, hand sanitizers, lotions and cash. After all the eggs were found the team enjoyed cupcakes.

Teamwork:  Our relationships are built on mutual trust and respect. We recognize the value and worth of each person we are privileged to encounter, work with, and serve. We seek to understand what is important to others and let people know they are appreciated for who they are and what they do.

Submitted By:

Kim Tso, People Development Coordinator

Heritage of Bel Air, Norfolk NE