Elkhorn, NE: Easter Egg Hunting

The morning of March 31st was filled with laughter and candy as the children proceeded down the halls in search for their haul of eggs in our annual Easter Egg Hunt. Several residents were busy all week long, stuffing candy into hundreds of eggs. We received gracious donations from staff, communities, and families of eggs, candy, and even plush bunnies for the small children. The Easter Bunny even made a stop at Brookestone Meadows and was bombarded with high fives and pictures. The residents waited in their hallways to watch the kids run by and even helped to hand out small prizes. Although the weather was dreary outside, the hallways of Brookestone were filled with joy and laughter over the Easter weekend.

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Submitted by Sam Rezac, Life Enrichment Assistant

Brookestone Meadows, Elkhorn, NE