Springfield, MO: Crafts are a Hoot!

Owls are awfully intriguing creatures. They can’t move their eyeballs, so they are able to turn their heads all the way around to see things. Owls are considered “wise” and majestic. On top of all this, they’re adorable and fun to craft! We had fun picking out the colors and patterns we wanted to use for our owls, tracing and cutting out the shapes, and then watching them come to life as we glued them together. True to form, the Life Enrichment Assistant (me!) Andrea Arvig had lots of owl puns and jokes which kept the residents rolling their eyes, and the owls? Well, their heads were spinning.

Quality Life-We will create a living environment that radiates love, peace, spiritual contentment, dignity and safety, while encouraging personal independence.

Submitted by Andrea Arvig, Life Enrichment Assistant

The Manor at Elfindale, Springfield, Missouri