Elkhorn, NE: Resident is now a Published Author

Carolyn Howell, Brookestone Meadows resident is now a published Author!

Carolyn came to live at Brookestone Meadows 10 years ago. Her book focuses on her life story of faith and how God has inspired her to continue to serve Him, despite many hardships and heartaches.

She did not allow physical limitations to set her back to accomplishing her dream of publishing a book. She used voice to text technology to pen her words to paper. Carolyn spent over 20 years at the Information desk at a local hospital. She was fondly referred to as “The Redhead at the Front Desk”, which her book is appropriately named.

Her story is sure to inspire you!

All proceeds from book sales are being donated to local non-profits. To purchase a book, contact Carolyn Howell at Brookestone Meadows, 402-289-2696.

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Submitted By:

Michele Magner, Public Relations Coordinator

Brookestone Meadows, Elkhorn NE