Geneva, NE: Mardi Gras Party at Heritage Crossings

Our annual Heritage Crossing’s Mardis Gras party was a hit once again as folks donned their beads while singing “Oh When the Saints go Marching in”. The history of Mardis Gras was shared with the folks and we found that a few of our residents had been to New Orleans as they shared their experiences too. It was a challenge to see who would win the Pancake Races. Many of our folks still show their competitive nature while still having a great time with each other. Jazz music filled the air while folk’s finished the day with Kings Cake and coffee. It was fun to watch them all looking for the baby to see who wins the prize. New Orleans might be a little louder, but the folks at Heritage loved this party just the same.

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Submitted By:

Rachel Chaney, Admissions Coordinator/Marketing/PR

Heritage Crossings, Geneva NE