Omaha, NE: Goldfish Races

The First Annual Brookestone Village Goldfish Races were held at Brookestone Village to celebrate International Have Fun at Work Day on January 30th! It was a single-elimination, bracket-style tournament. Each region of the building was represented in the bracket. You are probably asking yourself, do you suppose they used REAL goldfish? The answer is, yes. Prior to starting the first heat of racing, each team member selected their goldfish, and gave it a creative name. They used that same fish for each race. Among the race-fish was; Swim Shady, Oprah Finfrey, James Pond, Johnny B. Good and Fish Stick.

We started with 64 finned racers and eventually whittled down to the Sweet 16. From there, the Elite 8, Final Four, and then the Championship Round. It was a very close race, but our Maintenance team member, Keng Xiong, and his fish, Kengsta, were victorious.

Thanks to our Director of Nursing, Karen Zelensky, our goldfish will live out the rest of their days in her heated pond.

Excellent Teams:  We will select and develop team members who radiate warmth, compassion and respect while skillfully performing their duties.

Submitted By:

Kristin Koopman, Community Relations Coordinator

Brookestone Village, Omaha NE