Hooper, NE: Special Visitor

Resident Kenny Kinlund of the Hooper Care Center had a special visitor on January 4, 2018. Dr. Tom Osborne from the University of Nebraska came to visit with the Number 1 Husker Fan in this area. The wish was granted from Kindred Hospice to meet Dr. Tom. Dr. Matt Beacom, Medical Director for Kindred made the connections and set up the visit. Kenny was surprised and enjoyed talking “football” with Dr. Osborne. Dr. Osborne walked the room and greeted everyone with a hand shake, was gracious for photo taking and even signed some autographs. Having community partnerships to provide those special moments is rewarding not only to the residents but also to everyone here at Hooper Care Center.

Submitted by Diane Villwok, RN Administrator

Hooper Care Center, Hooper, NE