Garnett, KS: Striving for “World Class”

We were recently awarded the American Healthcare Association Bronze Quality Award! We feel very fortunate to have received this honor. It’s just part of our journey to become a facility that continually strives to improve and change where needed to become the facilty that delivers “world class” standards everyday. Jack Vetter came down to present the award to Sonya and Parkview Heights. Karl Bieber, Rovanna and Dan were here as well to help us celebrate receiving the Bronze Award. Just a small part of our ongoing journey towards “World Class.” We want to send a special thank you to all who came to help us celebrate our accomplishments, and our employees who work hard every day to make this a reality.

Excellence:  We continually pursue opportunities to improve ourselves and the services we provide. We learn from our experiences, build on our successes, and make changes when changes are beneficial. We develop people’s strengths and remain committed to becoming the Best of the Best.

Submitted By:

Carol Barnes, People Development Coordinator

Parkview Heights, Garnett KS