Garnett, KS: A Little Friendly Competition!

This year at Parkview Heights we decided to have a door decorating contest, sounds fun right?  Well, you say competition around here and you better be prepared, the game was on!
What a blast everyone had trying to keep their ideas a secret and finding ways that we could out do each other.  Well you will just have to look at some of the pictures to get the full idea of how this became an obsession (in a good way, of course!) Nursing did Whoville with the Grinch, Dietary was Let it Snowman, Housekeeping and Laundry did the 12 days of Christmas, Therapy did a Cup of Hot Cocoa, Social Services had the Reindeer Stables, Life Enrichment did Reindeer Games, and the Administrative front office did Ginger Bread Land. The night of our residents Christmas party the residents and their families judged the contest. They voted for Nursing and Dietary to win for a tie. Those departments will be getting lunch served one of these days for all their efforts. Congratulations!

Excellent Teams:  We will select and develop team members who radiate warmth, compassion and respect while skillfully performing their duties.

Submitted By:

Carol Barnes, People Development Coordinator

Parkview Heights, Garnett KS