Norfolk, NE: A Silver Salute to Heritage of Bel-Air

American Health Care Association’s 2017 Silver Award recognizes Heritage of Bel-air, at a national level, for the continual strive for quality care and dedication to improve the lives of our residents.
The proof of the quality that has been achieved at Bel-Air was included in the application that was submitted in 2016. The application process required showing proof of the facility’s quality outcomes based on a number of measures, including those set by the National Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.

The quality numbers that were presented in Bel-Air’s application included:
* Numbers lower than both the state and national averages for resident rehospitalization rates, residents that experience moderate to severe pain, and the use of anti-psychotic medication usage;
* Maintaining a 5-star rating compared to the national average of just under 4-stars;
* Continuing to remain free from the use of contract labor which is a rarity in the world of long term care; and
* The level of overall customer satisfaction at Bel-Air ranks above the national database average.

The team dedication that radiates every day at Bel-Air has pathed the road to the 2017 Silver Award. The road is not always an easy road. With a drive for quality, comes lots of changes. Without the dedication and teamwork of the entire team, this award would not have been possible. The celebration was about recognizing the team for a job well done and thanking them for their dedication to making Bel-Air the Best of the Best.

Heritage of Bel-Air truly deserves this award for their commitment to improve the lives of the residents. Congratulations to the Entire Bel-Air Team!

The team at Heritage of Bel-Air truly deserves a “Silver Salute” for this accomplishment.

Quality Reputation:  We will be known for promoting relationships of trust, confidence and loyalty through the quality of our services, the honesty of our people and involvement in our community.

Submitted By:

Katie Frederick, Administrator

Heritage of Bel-Air, Norfolk NE