Springfield, MO: The Giving Tree

The team member Christmas committee at the Manor came up with a new idea to try this year for our employee Christmas celebrations. This is called “The Giving Tree.” The way this works: Individuals with needs or who are struggling to make ends meet this time of year are able to give a list of items to their leadership person. The list is anonymously placed on the giving tree, where others are able to take the list and purchase the items, and then turn them back in to the leadership team. The items are then given to the individual in need. We were really surprised at the amount of lists that were turned in, and it seems like there are many people interested in helping out their team members. What a lovely time of year to think more of others and less of ourselves.

Serving:  We succeed by focusing our attention and energies on anticipating and exceeding people’s expectations. Our actions are driven by a “Yes, I Can” attitude and the commitment that we are “Family Serving Family.”

Submitted By:

Andrea Arvig, Life Enrichment Assistant

The Manor at Elfindale, Springfield MO