Elkhorn, NE: 33 Team Members Celebrate 10 Years

Brookestone Meadows kicked off our 10 Year Anniversary Celebration week by honoring over 30 team members who have been with us since our doors opened. The Rehabilitation (East) side opened in 2007 and the Long-Term Care (West) side opened in 2008. Our first patient was welcomed on November 5, 2007.

Jack Vetter presented each person with an award that read “Thank you for your years of Service and Dedication in making a Difference in the lives of the Elderly”. Those that have been here since the Rehabilitation side opened also received their 10 year anniversary pin. This impressive group of people represents every department at Brookestone Meadows. Our celebration also included the 4 Therapists that have been with us since we welcomed our first patient.

There was a lot of laughter, excitement and gratitude as people enjoyed the luncheon and read the boards that had the honorees Top 10 Reasons they Love Working at Brookestone Meadows with pictures from when they were about 10 years old.

We are so proud of our Family serving Family and honored to have so many team members love what they do!

Excellent Teams-We will select and develop team members who radiate warmth, compassion and respect while skillfully performing their duties. 

Submitted by Michele Magner, Public Relations Coordinator

Brookestone Meadows, Elkhorn, NE