Wahoo, NE: South Haven Disaster 2017 “Drill

A Collaboration with all health system is what it takes to make a disaster seem manageable and creates lasting relationships with those who support our communities during a time of need. On 10/12/2017 South Haven participated in a County wide disaster drill. Our drill started out as a simple email from Kathie our administrator to Terry Miller Saunders county emergency management. This turned into a full collaborative effort, city and County wide, from the Saunders Medical Center to local 911 dispatch, EMS, and Ashland care center. We had some wonderful volunteers who portrayed injured elderly residents with actual moulage that was very realistic. Ed Remm safety officer from VSL home office joined us as an evaluator and helped us learn more about the process. Thank you to everyone who made this a great hands-on learning experience.

Teamwork:  Our relationships are built on mutual trust and respect. We recognize the value and worth of each person we are privileged to encounter, work with, and serve. We seek to understand what is important to others and let people know they are appreciated for who they are and what they do.

Submitted By:

Kathie O’Dell, Administrator

South Haven, Wahoo NE