Iowa Falls, IA: Have A Coke And A Smile On Halloween

Coke And A Smile On Halloween
Every year the Iowa Falls Chamber holds a costume contest for local businesses to dress up. In the past Heritage Care Center has not won, but we have placed in the top three. This year, we anticipated a winning costume.
Carol, our Life Enrichment Coordinator, had a great idea to turn us all into Coke bottles. Her assistant, Shannon, painted all the names and WHA-LA! We were transformed! Our administrator Andrew was our soda jerk, and our social worker Michelle was a soda patron complete with her poodle skirt.
Originally when Shannon started painting the names two weeks ago only a handful of residents wanted to participate. This morning however, there was a mad dash made toward the dining room by over half the building, when it was time for the picture to be taken by the Chamber. Every one lined up as was ready for the photo shoot. When the Chamber Ladies entered the room they were stunned not only by how cute we all looked but also by the sheer number of our group.
As quickly as it started, the picture was over and everyone exited the room. About two hours later we received word that we did not win, or place this year in the contest. We did win the “Best Team Work Award” and received $20 in Chamber Bucks to purchase something from a local vendor. Although the Chamber didn’t vote us as the winner of this year’s contest, we are still winners in our book! To have the number of residents come out and participate with us was amazing, and their smiles (as you can see for yourself in the photo) made all the hard work more than worth-while.
Happy Halloween Everyone! And the next time you drink a Coke, think of Heritage Care Center. Hopefully it will make you smile!

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Submitted By:

Carol Lambert, Life Enrichment Director

Heritage Care Center, Iowa Falls IA