Hooper, NE: The Table is Set for Spooky Fun

You are never too young for Halloween. Hooper Care Center always has fun and Halloween is no different. Residents enjoy seeing how the staff can transform themselves for the day. Costumes of farmers, little girls, zoo keeper, chef (someone actually thought Don was replaced), Egyptian Queen were seen in the halls. The highlight of the day was our Halloween party at 2:00. Chef Don and Tammy LE did a fantastic job with the treat table. It is not everyday you get to eat someone! Our residents also enjoyed putting on masks, or wigs to join in the fun. Coach Nuzum is proud to be a part of the Husker team and wore his Varsity Sweater with Pride.

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Submitted By:

Diane Villwok, RN Administrator

Hooper Care Center, Hooper NE