Garnett, KS: The Message of “Hope” Through Pink Pumpkins

We discussed one day about decorating pumpkins and using the Breast Cancer Awareness Month as our theme. Well not much more needed to be said and the pumpkins arrived!!! The fun soon began….painting them all shades of pink and white one day and then decorating them the next. There were all kinds of fun Halloween & breast cancer decorations you could think of!!! We had a few residents that didn’t hesitate to participate, some that just wanted to watch, and others, supervision was their specialty!! They had so much fun!!! What was so unique about this activity was it got all of them talking and visiting about their own lives and personal experiences. We discovered that we had several cancer survivors among us. There was a bond that was made that day that united many for a lifetime. They all had their heroic story to tell. It was very moving that one small act of kindness could touch so many and make such a positive impact for everyone that day. I can see this becoming a tradition here at Parkview Heights.

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Submitted Carol Barnes, People Development Coordinator

Parkview Heights, Garnett, Kansas