Wahoo, NE: Dreamweaver, Husker Football & Mary!

Our resident Mary Ramsey has always been a huge lifelong Husker fan. When our therapy team learned that the last time Mary had been to a Husker game, it had cost her only 10 cents to get in, they did some creative thinking and submitted her story to the Dreamweaver Foundation. Mary’s nomination was selected and Mary’s dream to attend a home Husker game came true! Mary chose her Granddaughter and South Haven team member Jacquie Fults to attend the game with her. The Dreamweaver Foundation presented Mary with tickets, lots of Husker gear, and of course the mandatory clear bag for her to carry her things in. The Husker fans were picked up in style and escorted to special sky boxes to watch the game in. Even though the Huskers did not win, Mary had a wonderful time! Thanks to our therapy team for going above and beyond to help make a dream come true for our resident!

Excellent Teams:  We will select and develop team members who radiate warmth, compassion and respect while skillfully performing their duties.

Submitted By:

Marcia Frahm, Guest Relations

South Haven Living Center, Wahoo NE