Iowa Falls, IA: State Fair Fun Day

State Fair Fun day held several surprises for our residents. One of our dedicated volunteers, Don, drove his tractor about fifteen miles so he could park the big machine in the front yard of the care facility. Another volunteer, Darwin, brought his muscle car over to show off the original parts and paint job he had replaced.
While everyone was getting ready to come outside in the afternoon to see what we had planned, a familiar smell began to fill the building. Residents stopped me to ask what the smell was and I just answered with, “You will have to go outside and find out! There’s a surprise out there for everyone.” With wide, knowing smiles most agreed to join us under the carport. Some residents knew right away what the delicious smell tempting their nose was, and they had only one question, “Where can I get some cotton candy?”
When everyone made it outdoors, they were met with their very own cone of cotton candy, and several different types of games to play or watch like bean bag toss. While not a lot of people were interested in playing the games, everyone enjoyed the cotton candy, especially our administrator Andrew, who had a blast making the fluffy stuff for everyone.

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Submitted By:

Carol Lambert, Life Enrichment Director

Heritage Care Center, Iowa Falls IA