Iowa Falls, IA: Llama Llama Ding Dong

“A packer, a friend, or a hard working soul, a llama can fit just about any old role.”

For our state fair finale we planned Furry Friends Day. Whats a fair without furry animals to look at and pet? Elizabeth, our medical records guru, brought in tiny kittens that everyone loved. We also wanted something big that staff and residents would remember, so Midwestern Llama owners brought two llamas to show off, on their way to llama day at the State Fair. We kept our special guests identity a secret until our residents came to the activity, in order to make everyone curious about what was coming. One of our ladies, Joy, was hesitant about going outdoors. “Can’t you tell me what will be there?” I said “Joy, I promise you will not regret coming outside!” She held me to the promise and when she saw the llama walking toward her, she was speechless. Later, I stopped Joy in the hall and asked if I was true to my word. “I will never doubt you again! That was amazing!” Watching our residents’ faces light up as these tall, hairy creatures walked to each of them was priceless. The llamas nuzzled cheeks and chins, enjoyed pets and gave kisses to those that wanted them. Smiles and a sense of awe spread throughout the group the longer the llamas hung around. The owners of the llamas told interesting facts about each of the new friends.
Not wanting anyone to miss out on meeting our new friends, our amazing administrator Andrew, allowed the llamas to make room visits. Everyone one had the same question on their lips as the llamas passed by, “WAS THAT A LLAMA?!” Some residents even got up and followed the llamas through the halls, after they had their room visit, not wanting the experience to be over. While other residents lit up to see the llamas standing above their beds. We will definitely have these new friends back again.The surprise and utter happiness they brought to our community was immeasurable.

Quality Life:   We will create a living environment that radiates love, peace, spiritual contentment, dignity and safety, while encouraging personal independence.

Submitted By:

Carol Lambert, Life Enrichment Director

Heritage Care Center, Iowa Falls IA