North Platte, NE: The iN2L Provides a Diverse Tool to Meet Many Needs

Our therapy department uses the iN2L daily for cognitive exercises and assessments with our residents, whom are receiving skilled part A services or Part B services with our rehab team. All three disciplines (Occupational, Physical, and Speech) use the iN2L for a wide range of therapeutic modalities, from cognitive therapy to home safety applications, to sensory and fine motor skill activities. They frequently use the iN2L for exercise videos as well.

At Linden Court, we recently started using the iN2L for Tele Psych services. We had a resident with Alzheimer’s who had become physically aggressive whenever he had to go out for doctor visits. This resident was in need of a psych visit but we were reluctant to take him out for a visit and we were looking at a month wait. We were able to get the resident set up for an appointment within a week of getting the software installed. The visit went off without a hitch and the resident was completely undisturbed as he was able to stay in his room for the entire evaluation with a geriatric psychiatrist.

Our restorative team uses the iN2L for sensory engagement and exercises. They will set the iN2L up when people are using the hand pedal machine so they can pedal down a bike trail or down a road. Our Restorative team members will also play music as a pleasurable distraction during therapy sessions.

Our Chaplain uses the iN2L to show religious movies and videos for different events and Bible studies. There are days that our team could use another iN2L as they are all being used at the same time. We have 3 very devoted ladies that attend the religious events and one of the ladies commented that the videos on the iN2L are “conservative “and “appropriate for us old people”.

Quality Care:  We will dedicate ourselves to provide personalized care and services that achieve extraordinary results and exceed the expectations of those we serve.

Submitted By:

Nolan Gurnsey,Administrator

Linden Court, North Platte NE