Lake City, IA: Dancing with “Deeto”: How iN2L Has Created Moments of Joy at Shady Oaks

The iN2L system at Shady Oaks Care Center in Lake City, IA, that our residents and team members have affectionately nicknamed Deeto, (Deeto means “I enrich” in Latin), is an extremely popular addition to the Memory Support Household area. The Life Enrichment team uses Deeto at every opportunity in scheduled groups for the Household residents. Team members on the memory support household have also discovered the rich resources available on Deeto. The musical options on Deeto are used constantly in Memory Support by all staff. Some of the favorites of both staff and residents are Sing Along with Suzy Q, karaoke, hymns under the Spiritual area, Jukebox, and the Therapeutic music. The results are truly amazing!

There are so many ways that music on Deeto brings moments of joy. The entertainment value of music on Deeto is obviously a constant source of happiness, inspiration, and connection. Also, Deeto’s musical selections can calm residents. There are times when stress levels increase and residents may demonstrate out of character responses due to dementia. But, by turning on an appropriate selection of familiar, calming music on iN2L the rhythms and tones begin to work their magic. Soon everyone is in a better place emotionally, stress levels come down and residents and team members are swaying to the music, clapping, tapping their toes, smiling, and singing along. Music can also provide solace and peace. At end-of- life, the therapeutic music on Deeto is a definite go-to for team members wanting to provide the best quality of care for their residents.

One recent example of the wonderful opportunities that music on Deeto provides is a morning activity that Life Enrichment assistant, Deb Zenor, held in the Memory Support Household. Deb chose to play some karaoke 1950s tunes, knowing that one of the Housekeeping team members, Susan Rowley who was working in the MSH area at the same time, loved 1950s music and loved to dance. It didn’t take long before Deb and Susan were singing along with all of the residents gathered in the main dining area. Some residents were clapping their hands and tapping their toes too. Eventually, Susan was a dancing wizard with all of those 1950’s dance moves! Her enthusiasm was contagious. Deb joined in by dancing along with Susan and moving around the room to take the hands of residents and “dance” with them as they sat in their chairs. Many were actively engaged as they took in the sounds and incredible sights of Susan and Deb dancing their joyous way through a several 1950’s songs: Runaround Sue; Shake, Rattle, and Roll; La Bamba; and It’s My Party.

At the end of the activity, all of the residents were happy and engaged. The team was smiling and pleased that the residents were happy. Deb could sense that the residents wanted to continue with some more music, so she left Deeto for the MSH team to use to play some more tunes to listen to. What a wonderful time for everyone, thanks to our iN2L system!

Quality Life:  We will create a living environment that radiates love, peace, spiritual contentment, dignity and safety, while encouraging personal independence.

Submitted By:

Deb Zenor, Life Enrichment Assistant

Shady Oaks, Lake City IA