Iowa Falls, IA: Hole In One

We find the IN2L amazing here at Heritage Care Center. With all of its features many staff members have stated they wished they could have one at home. I would have to say that my favorite use of the IN2L is to learn and teach new information to our residents. Many of our residents grew up on the farm and went to country school. Country school consisted of one room with all grades up to 8th grade, and one teacher. Many students graduated from 8th grade and did not attend high school. People of their generation were expected to help out their families on the farm so there wasn’t time to travel back and forth to high school. Many students figured they were going to be farmers too and didn’t see the point in continuing their education. Now in their golden years, many people are still hungry for knowledge and find learning new things extremely entertaining. With the IN2L, we are able to bring a broader view of the world to their attention. Somethings they lived through like WWII, they can now see differently by using the IN2L. Somethings they’ve never seen before, they can see from the comfort of their community. Many of our residents still enjoy learning even in their 90’s.
Yesterday was the first time many residents had ever played putt-putt golf. I brought the IN2L into the activity to share putt-putt golfs history and photos of some of the more spectacular courses in the world. The IN2L even has a PGA section which we also shared so residents had something to watch while waiting for their turn. The ladies were surprised to learn that putt-putt or miniature golf was created in Scotland because men, in 1867, said it was improper for a lady to swing a club over her shoulder. One of our lady’s named Mickey said “Well they wouldn’t like me much because I’m a good golfer and I would tell them to get lost”. Everyone chuckled at this.
Many of our residents had never held a golf club before and others who golfed had never done it from a wheelchair. This added a big challenge to the group. For one resident, Dallas, golfing from his chair was old hat. Dallas even had his own method and swing style while sitting parallel to the green. The action looked more like Polo than golf, but he did make several hole-in-one’s. Russell had never golfed from his chair, but in his younger days he was an excellent, avid player. Shockingly to us, Russ made each ball into the small hole and the end of the green.

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Submitted By;

Carol Lambert, Life Enrichment Director

Heritage Care Center, Iowa Falls IA