Geneva, NE: “We can do small things with great love,” and our iN2L System at Heritage Crossings

Mother Teresa once said, “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” Those of us that work in long term care can attest to this. We have many positions that can fill that need, who work in all the various departments. Everyone here is so very willing to spend time with our residents. We cannot all do great things, but we all can do small things with great love.

It is with the assistance of the iN2L that we can do a wide variety of things with great love. Here you will see the many ways all different departments can utilize the iN2L in touching the lives of those we serve.

Janice is one of our residents that did not like the iN2L when it first came. She didn’t understand it and to her it was just a bunch of noise. Staff took their time with her and taught her how to feed the fish. Placing a sticker on the button that would drop down food for the fish. Janice finally got familiar with the iN2L and found it wasn’t so bad. What really tipped the scale is when she found out she could watch the kitties jump and tumble and do all kinds of antics. Now she looks forward to her 2:30 appointment to watch ‘her’ kitties and will do so for 20-40 minutes. She laughs and shows others what fun she is having.

Blanche loves music, most importantly polka music. When the oompa-pa starts so does Blanche singing and bouncing her shoulders right along with the tempo. Of course with all the Czech folks in our community, she is often joined by others.

Ralph is a fella that once rode his horse along with his wife and several others across the length of Nebraska. He recently lost his dear bride but can find comfort among his facility family and then watching the rodeos on the iN2L. He usually has a story to tell about the days that they would go to the rodeos and enjoy them with his family.

Diane sometimes wakes up early just so she can come out and watch some old movies, where you can hear her laugh with delight at some of the antics of ‘The Beverly Hillbillies’, ‘Petticoat Junction’ or the talking ‘Mr. Ed’. Other times she can be found singing with Elvis and his ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ or ‘Johnny Cash and his wife June Carter’. This is another of our gals that came out of her shell with the help of staff and the iN2L.

Emil or ‘Bucko’ as he likes to be called doesn’t care much for large groups, but he can find joy on the iN2L. As the Nebraska State Fair was taking place, we did a live-stream of the herding dogs competition. He sure enjoyed watching as the dogs would weave the cattle into the proper gates and into the pens. “I had a dog like that once. He was a good dog.” The twinkle in his eye told stories that words could never touch.

Of course we many times will use the iN2L for group activities. Trivia, Sing-A-Longs, Games, Trips Around the World and a host of others. However, it’s the 1-1’s with the system and team members that reach out and touch the hearts and minds of the residents we love and serve. No, not everyone is called to do great things, but with the partnership we have between team members and iN2L, we can do small things with great love.

Quality Life:  We will create a living environment that radiates love, peace, spiritual contentment, dignity and safety, while encouraging personal independence.

Submitted By:

Annette Smith, Life Enrichment Coordinator

Heritage Crossings, Geneva NE