Elkhorn, NE: Butterflies are Back In Town

 Yippee! Monarch butterflies have come to Brookestone Meadows in Elkhorn, Nebraska. But have they? No, these are called painted ladies and they are distant relatives of the monarch butterflies. There are very many of these painted ladies everywhere and they arrived here because of all the rain in California last spring.

Last spring a few of our long-term care residents planted some goldenrod to attract butterflies. We have been patiently watering the plants, and watching for the monarch butterflies to arrive. The painted ladies appeared just last week and are small in size but still beautiful to behold. They needed a source of water so one of our maintenance men brought out a bronze birdbath from one of the other gardens. Now it has a new home right next to the butterfly bushes and the butterflies now have plenty of water to drink. The butterflies are so happy! We will still have to keep watch for monarchs.

In the other half of our garden, several other residents planted cherry tomato plants. They were planted at least two weeks later than other people because of so much rain and getting the plants planted. They looked so sad I really thought we were not going to have very many to harvest. Well, I was wrong. We have lots of cherry tomatoes, but a lot are still green. If this hot weather continues for a while, they will ripen and we will enjoy them maybe until Halloween!

Have a beautiful fall and God’s blessings!

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Submitted By:

Carolyn Howell, O.W.L.S. Coordinator

Brookestone Meadows, Elkhorn NE