Red Cloud, NE: iN2L Brings All Users…at Heritage of Red Cloud

The iN2L has become a friend of residents, so to speak, and is used in numerous, fun, and purposeful ways at Heritage of Red Cloud. Sing-a-longs, game shows, and trivia discussions are a just a few ways to incorporate this tool in group life enriching activities helping to keep the resident interested and engaged. And, when a resident isn’t using the iN2l for listening to their favorite music or playing a game of solitaire, family members schedule a time so they can Skype to stay in touch with their loved one residing at Heritage of Red Cloud. Residents have voiced that the man in the iN2L is the best bingo caller there is. Some residents joke about the woman caller, too! Our therapy department incorporate the therapy programs during their cares making therapy something that some residents share their success stories about . Another popular iN2L program with our residents for physical, visual, and intellectual engagement is the bicycling trails with music . When visiting residents, volunteers make the day more brighter when they can assist residents to email loved ones. The iN2L proves to be a very creative, valuable tool for individual use and group enhancement giving all users a reason to smile with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

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Submitted By:

Carla Boyles, Life Enrichment Coordinator

Heritage of Red Cloud, Red Cloud NE