Iowa Falls, IA: New Technology

Here at Heritage Care Center our residents are unsure of using new technology. The iN2L computer, with all of its amazing features can seem overwhelming to a lot of our older Iowans. The most common comment from people is “I don’t need anything like that.” These folks grew up in rural areas farming, teaching and even doctoring with few resources available. One of our ladies husbands still farms with a mule team rather than a hi-tech tractor.
In order to bridge the gap between our community and the future, we placed the iN2L in the common area we call the Hub. During our “in between” time (time in between meals, therapy and activities) we are introducing new ways the iN2L can be a benefit to their lives. From playing music in the jukebox to playing card or casino games, our residents are enjoying their time spent waiting for the next event of the day to occur. This is a daily routine for them, and we never realize how much they are enjoying the iN2L, until the certain times when the internet is being slow or our provider is having issues and the iN2L isn’t working. It’s never off for very long, but several residents wait impatiently for it to work again.
Also, by having the iN2L in a central area, our house therapists are able to easily share different features like cognition and memory “games” with our residents. During the residents time with therapy, therapists can watch the resident walk, or do other physical activities with them on their way to the iN2L. Once with the computer, therapists can spend time having residents “play” memory tests to exercise their minds.

Quality Life:  We will create a living environment that radiates love, peace, spiritual contentment, dignity and safety, while encouraging personal independence.

Submitted By:

Carol Lambert, Life Enrichment Director

Heritage Care Center, Iowa Falls IA