North Platte, NE: A Once In A Lifetime View

On August 21st the residents of Linden Estates had the view of a lifetime. North Platte was a prime location to view the total solar eclipse of 2017. Residents and staff had their special glasses for safe viewing and enjoyed their “solar survival packs” full of cosmic cookies, lunar liquid, moon sticks and sun chips.
The IN2L played the event out on the NASA website for those who wanted to beat the heat. Everyone else gathered outside in the gardens for a front row seat. Residents monitored the progression as the sun slowly slipped behind the moon and then enjoyed the ninety seconds of totality without glasses.
It is always fun to have a reason to gather and celebrate something new and different. The solar eclipse gave us just such an opportunity.

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Submitted By:

Rhonda Todd, Life Enrichment Coordinator

Linden Estates, North Platte NE