Gering, NE: Total Eclipse 2017

Eclipse Excitement!

Thousands of scientists, space enthusiasts and sun worshippers flocked to cities and towns along the path of the historic 2017 total solar eclipse that streaked across the United States. Gering, Nebraska, fortunate enough to be one of the prime viewing locations, welcomed thousands of tourists to the area.

Residents, family members and staff gathered together on the patio at Heritage Estates to watch the sun as it was temporarily overtaken by the moon. The much anticipated solar event provided a stunning show for all to view. Protective glasses were provided to everyone allowing them to watch the progress before and after the moment of totality. The brief few minutes in “Totality” were indescribable, something you must witness in person to experience the total magnitude of! This once in a lifetime experience will be something remembered by everyone that witnessed this spectacular event!

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Submitted By:

Kim Johns, Community Relations Coordinator

Heritage Estates, Gering NE