Lander, WY: Westward Heights Team and Community Come Together for Janay

We are a company of family serving family at Vetter Senior Living. Janay Parent, Domestic Aide, at Westward Heights always has the residents first in her heart. This summer, when Janay’s apartment of 17 years completely burned down, we were all able to give back. The community, team members, Vetter Foundation, residents, and families of residents came together to support her in any way possible.

Monetary donations, clothing, furniture were given to get her back on her feet. With the assistance of a coworker, she has moved in to a new apartment and she loves it. A free-will donation lunch of hotdogs, picnic sides, and 15 foot banana split was hosted for Janay.

She was given checks last week at All Team meeting totaling $4448 with an additional $1000 donated by the Vetter Foundation. This money won’t replace what she lost but it will help her start again. We give thanks for our family at Westward Heights and Vetter Senior Living.

Serving-We succeed by focusing our attention and energies on anticipating and exceeding people’s expectations. Our actions are driven by a “Yes, I Can” attitude and the commitment that we are “Family Serving Family.”

Submitted by Natalie Korell, Administrator

Westward Heights, Lander, WY