Iowa Falls, IA: Boji Gals

Boji Gals
We were blessed with a lady from our area, who is staying a short time for physical therapy. Her name is Nancy, and with her friend Pat they make up a wonderful karaoke team called the “Boji Gals”. Pat is a serious karaoke fan. Pat’s computer contains over 30,000 karaoke songs. Pats home has a karaoke room, complete with strobe lights and props. Nancy and Pat are well known performers in our area.
With Nancy here with us, Boji Gals haven’t been as active. So, Pat came up with a great idea to bring her computer to Heritage and include other residents in a Boji Gals singing session. Last week Pat brought her system in and hooked it up to our speakers so we could see if it worked. Since karaoke doesn’t work unless you have a singer, our super fun administrator Andrew threw down some lyrics with our dietary manager Denise. Residents came by and sang a song as well. We have our own “karaoke krooners” club that generally meets every other month. With the opportunity to have access to almost any song you choose, we had a large crowd of singers and listeners drawn out by the new karaoke on the day of the event. Even staff joined in the fun and entertained the residents with their rendition of “Wagon Wheels”. Far too soon it was over, the songs had all been sung and it was time to get ready for supper. It’s funny how the activities we like the best, seem to go by the fastest.

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Submitted By:

Carol Lambert, Life Enrichment Coordinator

Heritage Care Center, Iowa Falls IA