Springfield, MO: An “Egg-Ceptional” Event

Eggs can be turned into an Eggs-travaganza with just a little imagination and a group of people who want to have fun!!! Creekside Community Members are always ready for an adventure that is out of the ordinary, and that is “egg-actly” what they got one morning in April. It started with a sampling of green eggs and ham of which everyone enjoyed.
Next, came a science experiment to get a hard-boiled egg to be sucked into a bottle with a tiny opening. Matches, paper and fire were involved which made the task extra exciting. This experiment proved that hot air expands and as it cools then it creates a lower pressure inside the bottle than outside the bottle. Presto…. in goes the egg!
Following the experiment, the Members were challenged to use deduction and their sense of hearing to determine what was hidden inside a dozen plastic eggs. One person was 100% correct, however the majority of the group’s guesses were incorrect. Everyone got a good laugh at their poor results!
The grand finale’ was our Life Enrichment Coordinator, DJ, walked across 16 dozen raw eggs….and was SUCCESSFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! The event was a “smash,” but not the eggs!

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Submitted By:

DJ Musgrave, Cottage Life Enrichment Coordinator

Creekside at Elfindale, Springfield MO