Garnett, KS: The Best Type of Therapy (Pets)

Dena in our Therapy department had purchased a Nigerian Dwarf goat. Her name is Annie and they brought her home when she was only 9 days old. Annie only weighed approximately 2 pounds and will only reach around 25 pounds at full grown. The day after Annie had a new home, Dena was telling her PT residents about her “expensive but cute” purchase and how she has to be bottle fed and this would continue for the next 2 months. One particular resident asked Dena to run home and get her so she could hold her. She stated a few times during her therapy session that she was so excited to meet Annie and how much she just enjoys animals. In fact, she told Dena’s boss that Dena was to leave “right now” and go get her. Dena drove approx. 25 miles to her house to get Annie so she could bring her in for the residents at Parkview Heights to see. Annie made her grand appearance that Wednesday afternoon and all the residents fell in love with her. When Annie was placed into this particular residents arms, she said “come here to Grandma” while tears of joy streamed down her face! Needless to say Annie slept very well that night and still expects to be held consistently throughout the evening. Every day “Annie’s Grandma” asks how she is doing and tells Dena “to rush home to that baby and give her kisses from me.”

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Submitted by Carol Barnes, PDC

Parkview Heights, Garnett, Kansas