Omaha, NE: Providing Residents with Healing Touch

At Brookestone Village, our team is continuously striving to provide Quality Care to our residents, exploring all avenues, including holistic approaches to supporting the residents’ overall well-being. The Healing Touch program is one of the ways we can connect the healing affects of traditional medicine with the mind, body and spirit of the person being treated.

Four team members–Miriam Roza, Jan Osmera, Sam Inserra and Alison Dudley–have completed Level 4, making them Healing Touch International Practitioner Apprentices. All of them plan to continue on to become certified—one more level and a great deal of work! In addition, we have four other team members who are working on getting to Level 3; which is all that you need to practice effectively in a setting like ours. This is a huge benefit to our residents!

In May, 2016 the Omaha World Herald featured an article highlighting the technique used in local hospitals stating, “proponents say the therapy uses touch to influence the energy that flows in and around patients’ bodies, which supports their natural ability to heal. One advocate put it this way: That energy is like the feeling of falling in love; you can’t describe it, but you know it’s there. The practice is meant to ease a patient’s pain, boost her mood, help her sleep and soothe anxiety as she deals with serious illnesses.”

Here is what Miekka Milliken, Administrator at Brookestone Village, had to say about offering healing touch at our care community: “We are committed to collecting and tracking data to show the impact of healing touch on our elders. This is a complement to the care we provide and not a substitute for quality nursing care, engagement, BUDDIES approaches, spiritual and psychosocial support, getting residents outside to connect with nature, etc… It’s just one more way we can connect with and care for our residents in a holistic manner. I am so grateful to those who have passionately pursued this training, and to those who are sharing and supporting it at Brookestone Village.”

Quality Care-We will dedicate ourselves to provide personalized care and services that achieve extraordinary results and exceed the expectations of those we serve.

We are excited to be offering this technique as a supplement to the quality care provided to our residents at Brookestone Village!

Submitted by Lynn Flannery, Community Relations Coordinator

Brookestone Village, Omaha, NE