Omaha, NE: Oh What A Treat For All!

Brookestone Village recently hosted its annual “Trick or Treat” event for families of both residents and team members. What a treat it was to see the excitement on the faces of all who attended! Whether you were a big kid, little kid or “a kid at heart” it was hard to not smile at all the “trick or treaters” walking through the households.

Upon entering the building all visitors were greeted by the “Cat in the Hat” who, in addition to handing out treats, had a hard time keeping track of “Lynn 1” (Thing 1) and “Lynn 2” (Thing 2)…who may or may not have been causing some mischief in other parts of the building.

It seemed this year’s costume theme was “super hero”! Batgirl, Batman, Spiderman, Ironman…you name it, we saw it. One thing was for sure, if any mayhem were to break out at Brookestone Village, we had it covered with the number of superheroes in attendance! Included in the (roughly) two hundred people trick or treating were pretty princesses, goblins, dragons and so many other little ones dressed in some really great costumes. Residents were still talking about them long after the hour was up. Every year this event is a definite treat for all who participate!

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Submitted By;

Lynn Flannery, Community Relations Coordinator

Brookestone Village, Omaha, NE