Omaha, NE: Take Flight!

Frank, who recently discharged from Brookestone Village, has a hobby that sends him soaring to new heights with every new project…literally! Frank has been building remote controlled airplanes since 1974. What started as a fun way to spend family time with his sons, turned into a hobby lasting forty-two years. During the years he estimated that he has built between four and five hundred airplanes.

During his stay with us, some of his friends thought he could use a fun project to work on outside of his therapies. So, they brought in a radio remote controlled plane for him build in his “spare” time. Believe it or not, this plane measuring a five foot wing span, was not the largest plane Frank has built! Some of the airplanes members of his squadron fly can be as large as twenty feet across; and the largest plane he has built was a fourteen foot “Decathlon”. He joked that with a plane that large, you could almost put a small child on board! When asked about his favorite plane, he said it was the Liberty Sport…although it was so hard to choose just one.

After many rescheduled dates due to weather Frank, and two fellow members of his squadron, came back to Brookestone Village to fly the model plane over the lake behind our care community. Many residents and team members came out to watch the plane’s flight, and as a special treat Theori, one of our social workers, was able to try her hand ad flying! We would like to thank Frank and his team for coming and for entertaining all of us with this special flight.

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Lynn Flannery, Community Relations Coordinator

Brookestone Village, Omaha NE