Omaha, NE: Following the “Trail of Heroes”

It was a perfect day for both a late summer drive, and for following the “trail of honor” at Turner Park. Shortly after the Life Enrichment team at Brookestone Village spoke with some of the residents about the “Horses of Honor” tribute to fallen officers being displayed at Turner Park, an outing to Midtown was in the works.

All who walked this special trail were amazed at the tremendous artwork displayed on each of the horses, and how the little details represented each of the officers who lost their lives. Each of the horses allows for the memory of the officers to be kept alive in the minds and hearts of everyone who pass by. We also learned that next spring the horses will be sold with proceeds to benefit the Omaha Police Foundation.

However…not everything always goes as planned! White the Life Enrichment team came across a great photo opportunity at the “Instagram Horses of Honor” display set up along the route…the sprinkler system decided to play a little prank of it’s own, turning on just after the photo was snapped! Everyone had a good laugh, adding to the lasting memories of the day.

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Submitted By:

Lynn Flannery, Community Relations Coordinator

Brookestone Village, Omaha, NE