Lander, WY: It’s Never too Late to Visit Yellowstone-108th Birthday Wish Granted

Leola Reschke turned 108 last week and her wish this year was to go to Yellowstone. Yes, Yellowstone. Leola grew up in Dubois, Wyoming (80 miles from the entrance) and had never been and she really wanted to see Old Faithful Geyser.

With a lot of careful planning by Stan McDowell, Life Enrichment Coordinator, Leola had her wish! Stan and Robbie Oleson, Director of Nursing, escorted Leola to the Yellowstone National Park Entrance where she was granted free admission. Leola was thrilled to show off her sign letting everyone know she was 108 and heading to Yellowstone National Park.

Leola’s friends hauled their 1928 Model A so they could tour Leola through the park and to Old Faithful while riding in style. Her friend John Larsen said, “Leola would have been 20 years old the year this came out.” Upon arrival at Old Faithful, crowds gathered around Leola, taking photos of her, telling her they wanted to be just like her, saying they had seen on the news that she was coming to Yellowstone.

The sweetest birthday treat could have been the 100 plus people who sang Happy Birthday Leola while waiting for the geyser to erupt….or maybe it was the free ice cream they gave her in the ice cream shop before they headed home, Butter Pecan was her choice.

What a wonderful memory for Leola and all that took part in making her day special. The day began with the dietary manager, Tara Skiba, packing a fabulous lunch and snacks to last for the entire day…even with all that, Leola wasn’t going to let Stan drive through Dubois without stopping to get her the Daylight Donut she had been promised! Thanks to a wonderful effort from the team in Lander and especially Stan.

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Submitted by Natalie Korell, Administrator
Westward Heights, Lander, WY