St Paul, NE: All Staff In-Service:Infection Prevention

All Staff In-service: Infection Prevention
The all staff in-service in March focused on Infection Prevention. Our theme was : Follow the yellow brick road. Leadership team donned the Wizard of Oz costumes and took on the task of all staff education. We had 5 stations: Dorothy covered PPE and Isolation with her sparkling red shoes. The wicked witch went over Bloodborne Pathogens. The cowardly lion explained infectious waste and exposure procedures. Our very intelligent scarecrow explained communicable diseases, and lastly the very kind tin man reviewed hand hygiene. Team members attending the meeting where asked to follow our yellow brick road (made of yellow paper) to each station. Candy was given once the station was completed.
Leadership had so much fun with the characters and the staff enjoyed seeing them “out of everyday character” The residents also enjoyed seeing their leadership team having fun and dressed as the characters of Wizard of Oz.
Written by: Dawnielle Strong, ADON.

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Rosemary Wichmann, Life Enrichment Coordinator

Brookefield Park, St. Paul NE