North Platte, NE: A Little Time For Tea

Taking time out of our busy schedules can impact our world in ways we may never know. When we take time to listen, we often hear more than the words they say. I am a firm believer that in taking care of the spiritual lives of others, we must address first the most basic needs of life. This was the case and the beginning of what I hope will be an ongoing effort in building relationships!

In conversation with one of our residents, it became clear to me that they were missing and longing for friendship and connection. When I suggested a Tea Party and asked her about the guest list of three, she immediately named them! So the adventure began! With invitations given, I turned to co-workers for assistance. One provided the teapots and tea and the other provided the vintage hats! With the table decorated and seats filled, conversation began!

They sat for more than an hour, asking each other questions like, “Where are you from?” “How many children do you have and where do they live?” “Did you have a job?”. These women have been acquainted for a length of time and yet had never explored the basic questions that mark good friendships. They laughed together, they shared their losses, they shared their memories, and most importantly….they shared!

Mission – Dignity in Life

Submitted by Debbie Dishman, Chaplain
Linden Court, North Platte, NE