Lander, WY: 107th Birthday Ride in a Sheep Wagon

To celebrate 107 years, Leola Reschke, rode in a new sheep wagon. Staff, residents and friends cheered her on as she boarded her ride. Leola lived in her own sheep wagon for 8 years when she was young so this really was bringing the past into the present.

When Robbie Oleson, Director of Nursing, asked her, “What do you think of the sheep wagon?” Leola said, “Well, it’s different.” Robbie asked her, “Is it different good?” and Leola replied, “No mine was much nicer!.” How many have lived long enough to be able to say this? Leola continues to be an inspiration to us all as!

It’s wonderful that she was able to have a taste of her life from when she was a young girl. She reported that it was a very bumpy ride and “her back was either going to feel a whole lot better or a whole lot worse”.

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Submitted By:

Natalie Korell, Administrator

Westward Heights Care Center, Lander WY