Alliance, NE: A Well Deserved Retirement

“The trouble with retirement is that you never get a day off”. – Abe Lemons
This is the cross that our MDS coordinator, Marj Guernsey, will now have to bear as she ends the nursing chapter of her life. What began over twenty years ago as a charge nurse developed into an ADON position and eventually transitioned into her very challenging MDS coordinator position. Skillfully performing her duties, Marj has become very well respected and, perhaps unintentionally, created some very large shoes to fill. Her dot the I’s and cross the T’s mentality has served Highland Park very well. Needless to say, she will be missed by all of the people who were blessed to labor beside her and, even more so, her behind the scenes care of our residents will forever be exemplified by her commitment and passion for the elderly.
A token of our appreciation was offered in the form of a cake, flowers, and gift basket filled many of the hobby items to help Marj transition to her new life of leisure. Marj plans to do more camping, hiking and outdoor activities with her (recently also retired) husband. We wish Marj nothing but the best and are grateful she shared so much of herself with Highland Park.

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Submitted By:

Brian Stephenson, Environmental Services Supervisor

Highland Park Care Center, Alliance NE